Article from Yuhanon Meletius


Meditation for Sept. 18 (Mark 13:28 ff. Originally Published in ICON). 

Yuhanon Mor Meletius Metropolitan, Thrissur 

Here we have a question of reading and interpreting signs in nature.

God reveals Himself through history and through nature. Both are His creations. 

Questions of end time were placed before Jesus many times. On one of those occasions Jesus started His reply with the statement that, 'one need to read the messages of nature'.


Gregorian Mirror Journal has published another of my articles in its April - June issue. This is an abridged version of the report I presented to the Holy Episcopal Synod in 2012 regarding women's voting right in the Church. The Church made constitutional amendment to allow women to vote in parish assembly. The Holy Episcopal Synod in its August 2016 meeting has recommended that women need further to be permitted to vote in diocesan assembly too on a request made by me. Hope the Rule Committee will make necessary constitutional amendment.

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