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His Grace Metropolitan Thomas Mar Athanasius of Chengannoor Diocese of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church passed away on August 24th, 2018 and was entombed on August 26th, 2018 at St. George Monastery, Othera, near Chengannoor. I was there to pay His Grace my last Respect as a brother metropolitan and also as the Manager of Catholicate and MD Schools Corporate Management. His Grace served the Church as the Manager of the Corporate Management gracefully for ten long years. Great Shepherd go now in peace…


My Palm Sunday Service of 2015 at St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Los Angles. California USA on March 29, 2015


On November 30th I ordained a deacon, two M'Samronos, two Khoruyos and three Afathyakhnos at St. James of Serugh Syrian Orthodox Church, Sunland, CA. I also authorized four women to be part of official choir as singers with their uniform. This parish is a Mission Parish of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church under my care since 2009. This was the fifth Anniversary of the Parish under Malankara Orthodox Church. They are quite happy with our leadership.


The day on Sunday April 21st began with H. Qurbana in the morning at St. James' Orthodox Church, Sunland, CA and then tea at the banquet hall of the Church and further a photo session inside the Church. Later a Dinner in hosted by the board of trustees of the Church honor of the heir diocesan bishop in a Mexican restaurant and before the day ended a tea and chat session at the vicar's residence.

A video is uploaded to YouTube:



I conducted a re-dedication Liturgy on behalf of several children of St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church, Mississauga. This was conducted after the Easter Service. This will help children who were baptized when they were still infants to dedicate themselves personally to the Lord and to the Church. The liturgy used was the one prepared by H.H. Baselius Marthoma Mathews I of blessed memory. Few Pictures:


St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church, Mississauga presented a music treat after the service. Here is a video clip:




Two sermons, one during the Washing of Feet Liturgy and second during Easter Service are uploaded to my SkyDrive Passion Week Folder. To listen them go to:



Washing of Feet Liturgy was conducted at St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church, Mississauga, Canada. Few pictures (courtesy: Mr. George Binu)


I had the second service on November 11th, 2012 of the current visit to my mission at Sunland St. James Orthodox Church. The service was followed by lunch hosted jointly by Board of Elders and Board of Trustees in honor of their bishop.

Video made of pictures of the events is uploaded to Youtube.



Pictures from my Good Friday and Easter are uploaded to my SkyDrive on Windows Live, Address: http://cid-866cc4f0caf251c6.photos.live.com/richupload.aspx/Bahrain%20Da...


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