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We in the diocese had several meets during the past few weeks. Pictures from some of them.

We elected a new Council for the Diocese. Since we could not elect any woman as per the constitution, I nominated the secretary of Vanitha Samajam and another woman who is serving as the local government body (Taluk Panchayat) president to the council.

The meeting:


Blessed Easter to all those who visit my Blog. Christ has risen! Indeed He has Risen


When I am stressed out or under too much pressure or tension I step out in to my garden and these is what I see. No wonder God created human and put them in a garden that they can keep their sanity. Instead human stepped out  of the garden and started living in concrete jungle. Then they go crazy and hate self and others and kill. Preserve the nature that God created and be at peace. Today is US world water day.


Sastra Sahitya Parishat has launched a new campaign on "Mattoru Keralam" (Another Keralam). They have included a note from me in the book with collection of articles from various quarters to explain the point.


Here is the most recent evidence of the culture of the so-called Jacobite Community in Kerala. These posters appeared in Kolenchery near their 'worship place' when they started to make claims on Kolenchery Orthodox Church several months back. The court said they have no right in the Church either to be members of the Church or to file any suit claiming right in the Church. We just repeated it. Now they blame us for saying that. These posters are still there as a live display of the culture of the so-called Jacobites.


Here is a copy of my article published by Sept. - Nov. 2011 issue of Sahayatra of St. Thomas Orthodox Theological Seminary, Nagpur. This was originally delivered as Satsang lecture at the seminary during my last visit in August 2011 (spelling an grammar mistakes in printing regretted).

Article on Corruption



This is my sermon on commissioning of Peter.uploaded to my Windows SkyDrive folder: It is a bit too long sermon.




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