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This is the video of my responses to questions from Malayalam "News Chanel 18" on Orthodox position about court orders particularly on Kothamangalam Marthoman Orthodox Cheriyapally case telecast on October 28th 2019. I participated in the discussion from my office at Mannuthy. Unfortunately, their video uploading system was not working. So there was only audio from me. The court repeatedly asked the police to give enough protection to Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Paul Ramban, who is recognized by the Hon. Court as the lawful vicar of the Church.


Malankara Church has been in the court after a split since 1974. The case went through several stages and a final verdict was issues in 1995 by the Hon. Supreme Court of India. The execution of that was completed in 2002. According to the verdict of the court, all churches and institutions in Malankara Church have to be administered in terms of the 1934 constitution of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church.


Media is one of the basic source of information. But who will tell us whether what the media gives would be the correct information? These media reports speak for themselves!

How Many Missing in Floods


If I say some thing about aggressive privatization, they will call me a communist. Now read two news reports on Malayala Manorama and try to think about tomorrow. According to the first report, Central finance minister Mr. P. Chithambaram has said that more in stock regarding privatization and economic liberalization.  The second one says, Central Excise Intelligence has issued notice to those private insurance companies for cheating the government on tax amounting over 300 crore.


Here is a detailed comment by a publication of the Jacobite Syrian Christian Association people about a reply I gave to one of the questions I received.  (The comment refers to an answer given to question no. 2 in The periodical claims that it protects faith. Question is which and whose faith? You be the judge ...


I thought India became an independent nation in 1947 and a Democratic sovereign Republic in 1950 and that itself from Britain and not from United States. There has always been a tendency on the part of US political leadership to consider other nations as slaves or as subordinates and US playing the 'world police' role. This is the most recent example for that attitude towards India. Oh yes another one, when Barack Obama the president who is running for a second term made a comment that 'India is not investor friendly'.


H.H. Baselius Marthoma Paulose II Catholicos of the East is in Abu Dhabi and, among several things he did, also addressed a press conference. He was naturally very much disappointed about the way the governments responded to the just cause of the Malankara Church. He expressed his opinion before the press. Most of the media persons reported faithfully his words. But Manorama heard only what he said about the world affairs.


Malayala Manorama daily is world renowned and has won several media awards.


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