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Early morning today, Rev. Fr. Alias Cherukattu, a prominent priest of Kandanadu East diocese, and a member of the working committee and advisory board of His Holiness the Catholicos of the Church called me up over phone. He told me that the proposed Gospel Convention at the Orthodox chapel at Koothattukulam where I was supposed to deliver a sermon on Sunday evening stands cancelled (this convention was to be for three days).


Publication: The Times Of India Kochi;

Date: Mar 4, 2014;

Section: Times City;

Page: 2


Non-Catholic denominations adopt nuanced approach


Further on Modi’s Visit


Here are two press notes with my views on India and Mod's Recent Visit to Kerala.

No to Modi No to Modi

I certainly disagree with those people who support Mr. Narendra Modi the present chief minister of Gujrat. We are not to evaluate political leaders in India on the basis of few industries, high rise buildings, roads and bridges during their tenure. Rather I think we need to do that on the basis of how dedicated they are to the total political philosophy of the country which is basically secular, democratic and tolerance toward other cultures and communities.


On the early hours of February 1st (3.30 am), Saturday a group of fifty anti social criminals entered the premise of Thrikkunnathu Seminary in Aluva Ernakulam dist., the official residence of the Metropolitan of Ankamali diocese of the Malankara Orthodox Church, jumping over the boundary wall. This was under the leadership of few bishops and the local head, Thomas I, of Jacobite Syrian Christian Association Church with its head quarters at Puthencruz.


Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela my hero has gone to the other world. 

He needs no introduction. Every one knows what his contributions are to the world and humanity and specially to  to every one who wants to be a free being. Even if I try to, I will be short of words. Only thing I can say is, I SALUTE YOU and SAY BYE FOR NOW. THIS BARRIER THAT SEPARATE US NOW, "WE SHALL OVERCOME SOME DAY"

I visited his home town and was in his home in Johannesburg in 2010.


What Happens when Corporate Come to Indian Retail Market!

There is heated discussion regarding multinational companies coming to Indian retail market. There are people on both sides. This video is an expression of my opinion on the issue.


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