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It is sad that a country like India which is well known for religious tolerance and for centuries of old welcome attitude toward all kinds of religions is slowly moving toward a religious intolerance atmosphere. More and more atrocities are done against minority communities like Christianity and Islam. Of course these two are missionary religions and will try to propagate their faith. But that is not in most cases done through peaceful means. If there is any thing otherwise, there is laws in this country to deal with such activities.


This interview was originally telecast by Malanadu TV.


I was interviewed by Sri. Saji John and Sri. Jayesh of Malanadu TV on various issues. I thank them for this honor given to me.


I was asked to share my opinion on the recent controversy regarding naming a Malayalam movie after a common name in central Travancore area "Iso" given my Director Sri. Nadirsha. This is an edited version of the discussion



Hello everyone, here is a statement I made in Asianet Malayalam News Chanel (New Hour of 28/02/2021) on whether what is called “Love Jihad” is a serious issue in Kerala. I received several responses to my comments, many of them critical. I accept them with humility. But I still believe that it is part of a calculated political agenda.


I participated in a panel discussion on Dec. 30. 2020 conducted by 24 News Channel on Political parties trying to influence Christian communities in the context of Kerala Panchayath Election results and in the wake of Kerala Assembly Election coming up in few months time. This had particular relevance of both Jacobite community and Orthodox Church invited by the Hon. Prime Minister of India for discussion initiated by Mizoram Governor Sri. P. S. Sreedharam Pillai.


Asianet News Channel conducted a discussion on the issue of the Government's decision to open religious places for worship after a period of more than two months in the context of Covid 19 pandemic. This video is edited with just my responses alone. This was held on June 6, 2020 from 8 pm.


This video was prepared by the Indian Orthodox Church Media Wing. They posted it in three episodes on YouTube and Facebook. I took them and combined it for easy viewing.


There is specific and definite order from the courts regarding parishes in Malankara Church. But a group of people instigated by few leaders for their vested interest and to keep their power in some Churches is trying to prevent these orders from being implemented. Unfortunately Police and political administration is supporting these anti-social elements. This creates unrest and law and order situation in the society. The media is discussing the matter and I participated in the discussion conducted by Manorama TV Channel on Dec. 20th 2018.


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