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Ms. Sunitha Devadas is a Canada based media person and she regularly publish online videos with he opinion on various issues, mainly political and social. She also introduce thoughts of people on various issues and I happened to be one among them whom she interviewed (11/09/2021).


The war against the minorities has begun


The Kurinji Orthodox Church is still locked out by the order of the Revenue Sub Divisional Magistrate (RDO). The talks that took place on 23rd night at the District Collectorate also did not bring about any solution. Further talks are scheduled for 28th.  Asianet News has aired this report


Here is a note from noted Malayalam novelist and scientist Mr. C. Radhakrishnan published in "Samakalika Malayalam" weekly. I had the privilege of spending a day with him in conversation on the theme 'Guru" in connection with the first issue of PIRAVI magazine. (courtesy: Samakalika Malayalam weekly)


DemoCrazy (no spelling mistake!) advises the priest of Jacobite Association Church (Puthencruz) to learn from the the word of Yahweh than from the Police. Watch this!!


The news channels are convinced that the report about Thomas I sending letter to his bishops asking them to some how influence the members of the cabinet committee on Kolenchery Church issue. Even their own media, Mangalam has reported this. Earlier one of their bishops while participating in a phone in discussion with one one the TV channels, in which I also participated,  told that he contacted the CM on this matter and he does not know whether CM acted on it. Watch first the report of the bishop who contacted CM and then the TV channels who aired the document.


Exclusive Document!!! Thanks for waiting. It is available now.


As anticipated the third round of talk on Kolenchery Church issue mediated by the cabinet sub committee failed.


Mr.One of the moderators of ICON wrote:
Most Respected Thirumeni,

Hope Your Grace is doing fine. Given below is a message that was posted in ICON the other day. It was actually written by Mr. .... who writes scholarly articles based on extensive research. Mr. ... is one of the Moderators of ICON. As you can see some of the points he raised could be used by our lawyers to invalidate the claims made by the Jacobite fraction. Hope Your Grace will forward this article to the lawyers representing our Church. (I'm cc'ing this to Mr. ... ).


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