Visit to the New Church Sts. Baselius Gregorios Orthodox Church of Central Jersey is Buying

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The 12 year old parish of Sts. Baselius, Gregorios Orthodox Church of Central Jersey is buying a Church of their own. I paid a visit to the Church with Rev. Fr. C.C. Mathew (vicar), Mrs. Ruthamma Chacko (wife of vicar) and Mr. Saji George (PR team leader). I have been a friend of this parish from the very beginning and still they honor the relationship. Photo courtsey: Mr. Saji George.This has been St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church.

I conducted H. Qurbana at their rented Church on 20th Nov. 2011.


My dear Thirumeni,

We trust tthat you are doing well by the Grace of God.

It, indeed, was a real blessing that I was able to participate in the Holy Qurbono cebrated by your Grace at the Sts. Baselius & Gregorios Church in New Brunswick last Sunday, and to receive the Holy Communion from your blessed hands, and thank your for your time spent speaking with me. Althugh precise, your homily about the announcement to Zachariah was pleasant and informative, and your memorials about the late lamented Job Mor Phelexinos was just and timely. I had been a parishioner of St. Mary's Cathedral, Hauz Khas, New Delhi from the early 70s to the late 80s. His Grace, as I can see, was able to accomplish a lot for the diocese! May His Soul Rest in Peace, and may He intercede for us!

By the way, the November release of the "Aviswasasamrakshakan" has a lot of filth published about you as well as Athanasios thirumeni! Just ignore! Joice Thottakkadu did publish your comments about Thirumeni at Malankara Orthodox TV.

We pray thatthe Good Lord keeps you both in good health for years to come.

Although a tad bit lengthy, your posting of the documents relating to the two Patriarchs are really eye-opening! It shows how things work.

Prayerfully yours,

John & Veena, New Jersey

Thank you John Daniel and Veena for the comment and appreciation. There is a story about Satya Sai Baba. One of his devotees said, Baba there are lot of people who praise you. But there are some who criticize you. Baba said, I was born to give joy to people. Some find joy when they praise me and some others find happiness when they condone me. In any case they are happy and my goal in coming to this world is fulfilled. Viswasa Samrakshan safe gurards what they believe in. It could be hate and it could be love. Let them live by their faith. I have no complaint.
Yes Philexinos Thirumeni love his Church and his people. He loved me also.
With love and prayers