Sermon on Great Commission

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This sermon was delivered at United Theological College, Bangalore, during morning worship service on Oct. 28, 2015. I was to present a paper on "The Great Commission" based on the text Matthew 28:16-20 at the UTC Alumni Refresher Course held on October 27-29, 2015. The service was attended by the whole UTC community.

Sermon at UTC
 As part of the morning worship during Alumni Refresher Course

Good morning UTC Community the present and the former.

It is so wonderful that I am given this privilege to bring the Word of God to you this morning.
As you all know, we who cherish the wonderful memories of our time in this campus - the alumni - is here for three days trying to refresh what we learned about the meaning of our calling by our Lord

We hence, on these three days are talking about “the Great Commission” we, the present disciples of our Lord, received from Him.

One of the parallel passages of the commission, the one you just heard, comes from Luke 24:46-49.

We live in a highly complex and confusing world. On the one hand religious intolerance is in the rise. On the other, prophets of post-modern market economy are creating new idols the children of God are required to worship.

On a third front, Dalit, women, children and those marginalized are subjected to even more enslaving tendencies.

This is the world we are to be “going out” in to, to witness the Lord who was risen from the dead.

We are to proclaim repentance and forgiveness, the Lord says.

Message of repentance should address the perpetrators of evil tendencies.

On the other hand we need to address those enslaved with a message of the empowering Spirit that was promised by the Father and which was sent by the Son for them to face this world and its challenges. Remember both the slave and the enslaver need liberation.

To this goal, in any case, we have to involve ourselves in the life of the people, the people of Immanuel.

Our involvement will help us understand both the enslavers and the enslaved ones.

This is a risky business though.

The secret of Jesus resurrection and victory over everything deadly and enslaving are two:
One, that He entrusted Himself unto the mighty hands of the Father while He was facing the most difficult time in His earthly life (Luke 23:46) and two, that He did not die for His own sake.

These two shall be the secrets of our victory too in our mission, “the Great Commission” entrusted upon us. Trust in the Lord and live for others.

So “go” without fear or favour. Because He has promised that He shall be with us “till the ends of the world”. Thank you and God Bless you. Amen.