Republic Day at Prerana School

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During the last two weeks I was in Kalmeswar, Nagpur with the students and staff of St. Thomas Orthodox Theological  Seminary where I share my learning in the field of Old Testament every year (I also learn with them). There I was able to experience the Indian way of helping the private sector. The BSNL telephone exchange was hit by a lightening in 2008. It was repaired after a short while, but again in went bad. There were about 85 BSNL land line connections in the village of Kalmeswar some 30 KM far from Nagpur city. The BSNL people never cared again to repair the exchange. So every subscriber switched to private phone providers. I have this habit of (to some bad, to me a better) habit of using only national products as far as possible and so I have only BSNL mobile phone connection and data connection. There I was most of the time lost in the woods as the reception was too weak to have any uninterrupted quality connection. But now the BSNL people are setting the exchange right and not many people will be ready to subscribe as they already have private provider connection. Gandhiji’s programs for self sufficiency is way back in history. The good news is that the seminary will have two BSNL connections shortly.

I had the privilege of participating in the Republic day function of “Prerana” the school for mentally challenged children run by the seminary (of course it has an independent trust for administrative purpose). That was a touching experience. There are about 60 boys and girls residing and taking training. There are day scholars too. All of them are from the neighboring villages. The principal of the seminary Rev. Fr. Dr. Bijesh Philip is the Director of the school. The students gave a brief display of their talents. I also hoisted the national flag at the seminary and then gave the Satsang address. Text of Satsang will be posted later.

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Well, as for engineering colleges, it is not profitable any more as not enough applicants. The Church represents a cross section of our people. Only few are raising their voice for what you said Johny. So that voice is not well heard.

Thank you Thirumeni for sharing the information about Prerana School. We feel that Church should concentrate more in opening more such type of institutions which helps the weaker sections of society.But we can see most of the churches are interested in profit making institutions like English medium schools, medical colleges and Engineering colleges !