Question on Holy Oil

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Dear thirumeni,

hope your are doing good..

How is your health. thirumeni what is the content in holy saith and Holy mooron. i heard that the holy saith is scented olivu oil . is it true. and why we are using these for our koodashas.

remember us in your prayers.

Love and prayers

Dear (?)
Hope you are doing fine. I am fine by the grace of God.
Holy Mooron and Holy Saith are two different materials. But for both basic material is Olive oil which in Syriac called Saith. Holy Saith is of two types, one used for baptism and the ather used for anointing the sick.
Holy Mooron is made of several spices mixed with Olive oil with extended prayers and elaborate liturgical acts. Holy Saith for baptism is also made of Olive oil with prayers and liturgical acts. It does not have spices in it except a bit of Holy Mooron.

Holy Saith for anointing the sick is commonly made during the Kanthela liturgy which is a liturgical act of praying for the sick with anointing of the oil. It can be made independently too.

All the three are used for anointing purposes. Anointing with oil has been an Old Testament practice (Ex. 28:41; Deut. 28:40 etc.). There are two basic purposes served by anointing in Old Testament. One, to designate a person for a purpose; two, to make a person whole. This was adopted by New Testament Church also (Matt. 6: 17: Mark 4: 8; Luke 7:46).

With the oil for the sick we prepare the person anointed for wellbeing and wholeness with prayer and in fellowship of the faithful (James 5:14, 15).

With the anointing during baptism with Holy Saith we seal the child, after having abandoned the satanic ways, in the way of God and prepare for baptism. Through this we also designate the person for baptism.

Holy Mooron represents Holy Spirit that seals a person in the spiritual life in participation with Christ which is His body.