Question on H. Qurbana

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എല്ദോ മാര് ബെസെലിഒസ് ബാവ 10  മിനിറ്റ് കുര്ബാന പള്ളിവാസല് സ്ഥലത്ത് ചൊല്ലി എന്നത് ശരിയാണോ.കുക്കിലിഒനും  തുബ്ടെനും കുര്ബാനയില് ഉള്ളതല്ലേ .യചിക്കെണ്ടും സമയം എന്നാ ഗീതം മുതലേ anthiochian  സുറിയാനി സഭ ക്രമത്തില് കുര്ബാന യില് ഉള്ളോ.സുറിയാനി ഓര്ത്തഡോക്സ് സഭയില് ഒരു സൈറ്റില് കണ്ടതാണ്.ഞങ്ങള് സണ്ഡേ സ്കൂളില് പഠിച്ചിട്ടുള്ളത് വെളിവുനിരന്ജോരീശോ മുതല് പരസ്യമായ വിശുദ്ധ കുര്ബനയെന്നാണ് .സുറിയാനി പുരാതന തകസ 10 മിനിറ്റ് ആണെന്ന് ആ സഭയിലെ ഡോക്ടറേറ്റ്  ഉള്ള ഒരു തിരുമേനി എഴുതിയിട്ടുന്ടരുന്നു. യാക്കോബ  സഭയുടെ manarcad  പള്ളിയിലും മറ്റും3 മണിക്കൂര് കുര്ബാനയനുള്ളത് .എല്ദോ ബാവ യഥാര്ത്ഥത്തില്

പത്രിയര്ക്കിസ്  ആയിരുന്നോ- Thirumeni please explain our douts,we r confused

Dear Sherli
When people do some thing wrong, it is quite natural that they want to hide it by finding some excuse. There is no rite with which one can finish H. Qurbana in ten minutes in the West Syriac liturgical tradition. Of course Tubden (except first and sixth) and Dhoopa prardhana are options. Still you need three to five minutes to put on the vestments and three minutes to take it off. Both combined at-least six minutes for dressing. Then you have the preparation or Thuyobo which requires at least 15 minutes. Again you need five minutes for post communion service. I have no clue where in the world one can finish H. Qurbana in the West Syriac liturgical tradition in ten minutes? May be the bishop you mentioned has a doctorate in fast forwarding H. Qurbana.

No Yeldo bava was a maprian or catholicos under the jurisdiction of the patriarch. Not catholicos of the east. H. Qurbana begins with the reading of the Old Testament lesson.
Regards and prayers

dear thirumeni
one doubt

why the altar assistant who is taking the incense during holy qurbana is insisted to read the first and 6th diptych in our Syrian there any particular meaning for that...

Dear Mathew
Sorry for the delay. I was really busy.
Actually the first Tubden has to be read by the senior most person in the altar and not the one who takes the censor.
These days the senior person reads the fifth one thinking that that is the most important one since it is the longest one. That is our wrong notion that the biggest and the longest are more important. Actually all except first and sixth are optional. The first represents the whole Church of the living and the sixth represents the departed including the departed saints.
Regards and prayers


My dearest thirumeni, hope u r doing fine by the grace of lord. Seeing ur space, i wondered since u r a busy person. Im very fond of u, ur qurbana & speeches. Im saju,st george osc valacode,punalur,kollam dt. Pls clear my doubts. 1. The fig tree parable in st mark - y jesus cursed it though it was off season? 2. Is it right to eat with uncleaned hands? Y jesus told so? I think the items in front of him was fruits. 3. Y jesus asked the young man y u calling me good,only god is good. Im not taking much of ur time. Rest in the next. May lord bless u.