Qiestion on Psalm 115:17

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"Marichavarum maunathayilirkkunnavarum Daivathe sthuthikkunnilla". Please give the meaning of this Bible words.

(?) Saudi Arabia

Dear (?)

The quotation you gave comes from Psalm 115. This Psalm praises God in a particular way. It compares Israel with other people and also God of Israel with idols of other people. If you read the whole psalm you will get the idea that the psalmist while comparing between Israel and other people is saying that God’s people is live people and idols’ people are dead people. The idols have no ear, no eye and hence can not hear their prayers and can not see their plight. But Israel’s God can do see and hear and therefore people get blessings from God. So the psalmist asks them to trust in God of Israel. The last two verses 17 and 18 mark the conclusion of this. Those who are dead, that is those who worship the idols go to pit and to silence and hence can not praise the Lord. Because they were the worshippers of gods that do not hear or see and they go to silence when they are dead. It is compared in v. 18. But those who worship the Lord will eternally worship and praise the Lord, because they will never die. Take special note of the word “innu muthal ennekkum”. That means those who worship the Lord will eternally live and praise the Lord. Eternally (ennekkum) is beyond time and space. It goes beyond this world and life in this world even after death.
Regards and prayers