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I certainly disagree with those people who support Mr. Narendra Modi the present chief minister of Gujrat. We are not to evaluate political leaders in India on the basis of few industries, high rise buildings, roads and bridges during their tenure. Rather I think we need to do that on the basis of how dedicated they are to the total political philosophy of the country which is basically secular, democratic and tolerance toward other cultures and communities. No matter what the inquiry commissions or even the courts say, Modi's role in the slaughter of minorities in Gujarat and for that matter of the BJP and RSS in other parts of the country can not be ignored and overlooked. I myself am a witness to what they did in Kandhamal among the Dalit Christians of the region. May be he will be soft in Kerala, a state with a high volume of minority presence. But there is every chance if a favorable atmosphere comes in the horizon they will try the ethnic cleansing measures in Kerala too. Because the very fundamental philosophy of RSS and Bajrangdal with BJP is single ethnicity and which is high class alone Hinduism in India. . Here are few pictures from Khandamal in Orissa where RSS people slaughtered about two hundred Dalit Christians, persecuted priests and nuns and  made thousands homeless.

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Dear Sunil
Thank you for your note.
Yes you are right we can not hate a sinner, but only the sin.
No you can not condemn a person. But at the same time you have to be wise to decide whether a person or a thing is good or bad.
The Gospel has two sides, one is addressing the sin in the person as Jesus did before the Jews and two to give the positive message of salvation by turning away from that person’s evil tendencies and acts. This is how you have to address any one including Modi. Loving the sinner is not just accommodating or being silent of the sin of the person.
Jesus was addressing a group who brought the woman caught in adultery. They were equally sinful in that case and with her. So they lost the credibility to accuse her as they were part of the sin committed by her. This does not mean that a person who is not part of a crime, though in other matters that person is guilty, can not address the crime committed by some one. There is no one born in to this world who is sinless except Jesus. So if we are follow the principle of not being able to point out the son of another person, we can not say any thing to any one about any one’s fault. The point is when you point out the sin of a person, you should not be part of that particular sin in any way.
Hope you and your dear ones are doing fine by the grace of God.
With regards and prayers

Thirumeni, I am unsure if the (subject) meeting was good or not good because there are two deep questions that I struggle with:
1) Should I hate the sinner and the sin? Or, hate the sin, but love the sinner?
2) Am I qualified to condemn or condone?

The first poses the biggest challenge, because if I don't love the sinner how will I ever deliver the Gospel to him? Isn't there some good in everyone, no matter how 'evil' they are? And, if there is even an iota of good, isn't that person redeemable? Can we view the (subject) meeting as a step towards Modi's redemption?

The second in the words of Jesus, "He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her," restrains me from either condemning or condoning the act. Am I guiltless (clean)?

What would Madiba (our contemporary) do? Reconcile or condemn?

Your learned advice will go a long way to help clarify the questions. Wishing life's questions were black and white only: no shades of grey.

Dear John and Veena
Thank you for the comment. No, our Bava Thirumeni did not see Mr. Modi or give an audience. Few members of his party visited H.H. and H.H. just commented that our people in Gujarat says, Mr. Modi is a person of development. But H.H. also emphasized the need for religious tolerance. The media twisted this and highlighted only the first part out of proportion. But that was not the case with the two bishops. They have interests in Gujarat and so wanted to please Mr. Modi. I will be in NJ next June-July. Hope you both and the whole family are doing fine by the grace of God. My prayers. Thirumeni

Thirumeni, you said it. You said it right, again. I am lost. I don't understand why our Bava Thirumeni gave this fellow an audience and made the statement that he made. Bava Thirumeni's statement has the implied appearance that it is the official voice of our church. Not only that, why did these two eminent bishops visit him at the guest house in front of the media? If their meeting was private, they could have had it privately. There was a news item that Nancy Powell visited Modi yesterday. Regardless, I don't think he stands a chance.

Hope you are doing well. When is your next visit to NJ? Hope to see you then. In the meantime, keep us in your prayers.


John & Veena

അഭി. പിതാവ് ദേശാഭിമാനി യിലൂടെ നടത്തിയ അഭിപ്രായവും ,മുകളില് കൊടുത്തിരിക്കുന്ന അഭിപ്രായവും വായിച്ചു.അത് ശെരിവെക്കുന്ന ചിന്തയാണ് ഈ ചിത്രങള് നല്കുന്നതും,എന്നാല് ശ്രീ മോഡിയെ കാണാന് പോയത് മലങ്കര ഓര്ത്തോഡോക്സ് സഭയുടെ പ്രതിനിധികള് അല്ല.അഭി.തോമസ് മാര് അത്താനാസിയോസ് തിരുമേനി അത് എടുത്തു പറയുകയും ചെയ്യ്തു . അങ്ങനെ ഒരു രാഷ്ടീയ പാര്ട്ടിയോടും ഓര്ത്തോഡോക്സ് സഭക്ക് ഒരു പ്രത്യക അടുപ്പമോ,ദൂരമോ ഇല്ല എന്നാണ് ഞാന് മനസിലാക്കുന്നത്.ശ്രീ മോഡി കുഞ്ഞാടിന്റെ തോല് ഇട്ടു വന്നാലും അതിനെ തിരിച്ചറിയനുള്ള വകതിരിവ് കേരളത്തിലെ വോട്ട്റന്മാര്ക്ക് ഉണ്ട്.ഏത് പിതാവ് പറഞ്ഞാലും അതിനു വലിയ മാറ്റം വരുത്തന് കഴിയും എന്നു തോന്നുന്നില്ല..എന്നാല് ശ്രീ മോഡിയെ വിമര്ശിക്കാന് പിണറായി വിജയന്റെ കേരള യാത്രയെ അനുകൂലിച്ചതും ഇതേ കേരള ജനത യാണ് വിലയിരുത്തുന്നത്.ഇത് മൂലം പിതാവിന്റെ ഈ അനുകാലിക പ്രസ്ക്തവും ,ശക്തമായ വാക്കുകള് ഒരു നിഷ്പക്ഷ സമൂഹത്തിന്റെ ശബ്ദമായി കാണാന് കഴിയാതെ പോയി....

ഈ ലോകത്തില് ഒരു ക്രിസ്ത്യാനിക്ക് നിസ്പക്ഷന് ആയിരിക്കാന് കഴിയും എന്നോ അതിനു അവകാശം ഉണ്ട് എന്നോ ഞാന് കരുതുന്നില്ല. ഞാന് ഒരു സമൂഹത്തിന്റെയും പ്രതിനിധി അല്ല. എന്റെ വ്യക്തമായ അഭിപ്രായം പറയുന്നു. ചിലര്ക്ക് അത് ഇഷ്ടപ്പെടുന്നു. ചിലര്ക്ക് ഇഷ്ടപ്പെടുന്നില്ല. അത്ര തന്നെ. പക്ഷെ അത് നോക്കി എനിക്ക് പറയാനുള്ളത് പറയാതെ ഇരിക്കാന് പറ്റുമോ. ഇല്ല എന്നാണ് ഞാന് കരുതുന്നത്.

Respected Thirumeni , I am so relieved to hear one sane voice in the MOC. I believe that the Orthodox in Gujarat might have needed a pact with Modi for survival. Fear would have driven me too in such a situation.
Whatever it may be now, Communists played a great role in Kerala way back , in the upliftment of the downtrodden.
Congress too has fallen from its past stature, but still these two are more or less secular.
We stand where we are now, because of these two. I remember my childhood when rice was scarce and we depended on PL480 wheat and American flour for carbs.
Hinduism is a great religion and contains teachings of eternal relevance. Do they not teach about controlling Vasanas and giving the rein of the chariot of our intellect to Krishna? Do not our Fathers ask us to overcome our passions and let Christ reign? Their teaching about the Unseen Warfare through the Kurukshetra war is more magnificent than ours.
. Again, have not Christians goaded them to retaliation through aggressive conversion agendas.
The persecuted Konkanis from Goa are scattered all over.
Perceptions differ and we hear only that which we want.
May God grant us wisdom and forgiveness and may He send the Spirit of Peace upon the Country.
Thank you Thirumeni .