My H. Qurbana in Orlando

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I had, once again, the opportunity to visit St. Paul’s Orthodox Syrian Church, Greater Orlando, FL to conduct H. Qurbana on Nov. 10, 2013. I stayed with vicar Rev.Fr. Dr. Jacob Mathew (Visiting Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, University of Central Florida) and his family for a week where I had a wonderful time. The Holy Qurbana was a con-celebration with Rev. Fathers Alexander Kurian (Director, Strategic Planning for Overseas Mission Real Estates, State Department, US Government) and Rev. Fr. Cyril Davy (vicar St. Gregorios Orthodox Church, Jacksonville, FL) assisting me. This was the first ever con-celebration conducted in that parish. It may be remembered that the H. Episcopal Synod of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church has decided that Tri-Mass or Penta-Mass or any of that kind has to be discouraged and con-celebration has to be encouraged in our Church. Few pictures:


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