My Days in Tampa FL

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I was the chief celebrant at the feast of St. Gregorios at St. Gregorios Malankara Orthodox Church, Tampa, Florida in USA held on 2nd and 3rd Nov. 2013. Rev. Fr. George Paulose, the vicar who is from my own region (Onakkur, Priavom) in Kerala and a college mate at St. Peter’s College Kolenchery, has been inviting me for several years now. I was not able to honor his invitation until this time. I arrived in Tampa on Oct. 31st and had a good time with achen and family and with several other members of the parish. I also was able to meet several of my former friends from Philadelphia and elsewhere.

On Saturday afternoon I talked to the young people on “the Purpose of Human Life in the World” and later in the evening spoke to the congregation on John 16:33 that speaks of the challenges in the world today. I led the tri-mass on Sunday. I also distributed certificates and honors to Sunday School children and teachers

Few pictures from the events:

My Days in Tampa My Days in Tampa

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Respected Thirumeni,
The interior of the Church is looking so beautiful. Must have been a wonderful feeling.