On Kurinji Church Issue

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The Kurinji Orthodox Church is still locked out by the order of the Revenue Sub Divisional Magistrate (RDO). The talks that took place on 23rd night at the District Collectorate also did not bring about any solution. Further talks are scheduled for 28th.  Asianet News has aired this report



What a great way to celebrate blessed Christmas for the believers?

Dear Thirumeni,

Thank you for writing a detailed reply. One of our drawbacks is that we people are not getting the correct information through the news medias , and the other faction is spreading various false propagandas .Anyways we hope that we will get a favorable judgement from court . Mean time there should be some facility for our people, to get right information about our stand. Also the spiritual needs of the people there should be satisfied, so that the charismatic groups ,pentacostal groups & malankara reeth etc should not gain from there.

Thank you Thirumeni for sharing so much information.

Yes we have a chapel from the same parishioners in a half a mile distance. Pachomius mount chapel where H.G. Dr. Mathews Mar Severius lives is also not very far. Our people are using them for their spiritual needs and Sunday worship.

Dear Thirumeni,
What is the present situation in Kurinji ?Is there any other arrangement for the faithfull to worship ? People are getting the impression that both groups are working for the closure of churches .So they are migrating to other churches and charismatic groups. In this context , Thirumeni can you shed some light on the problem there?

Kurinji Church was administered with an arrangement made by both parties under the guidance of the Revenue Division Officer, Muvattupuzha. With this arrangement only then existed priests had the right to offer service there, and they were Orthodox priests. According to the constitution of the Church, only PALAL (an Orthodox family) family who established the Church had the right to be the trustee of the Church (this was made in 1964 and was upheld by the court in 2007). But in the middle of the night Jacobite people entered the Church through the roof and forcefully conducted a service. This later became status quo. They also forcefully took over the administration of the Church and the trustee was thrown out by force. Orthodox Church went to the court for reestablishment of the state prevailed earlier. The cases are pending. In the mean time there was another agreement with the RDO that no bishop shall enter the and conduct any service there. But this was constantly violated by the Jacobites. This time they asked the RDO permission to allow their bishop to conduct the perunnal. We asked for permission for both parties which was agreed on and an order was issued by the RDO to that effect. They had their perunnal on their specified Sunday. But when our bishop came on the following Sunday, they with the help of the Ernakulam Rural supernatant of Police, whose wife is Jacobite though he is a CSI man, against the advice of the RDO and Deputy supernatant of police, prevented our bishop from entering. This is where the issue started. The RDO closed the Church. Now the district collector has ordered to keep the Church open and conduct service as it was earlier.

can some one shed light on the latest issue at kurunji? Both factions are proclaiming victories???None of these issues are in the news..its just active in social medias only!