Jacobites Comment on my posting

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Here is a detailed comment by a publication of the Jacobite Syrian Christian Association people about a reply I gave to one of the questions I received.  (The comment refers to an answer given to question no. 2 in http://yuhanonmilitos.wordpress.com/2012/07/24/question-and-answer-2/) The periodical claims that it protects faith. Question is which and whose faith? You be the judge ...


Hi Thirumeni,

Once again, as I had mentioned to you in the past, this "Aviswasasamrakshakan" group has lowered itself to the dirtiest and meanest level humanly possible to insult you. If you go over many of their past issues, you won't find even a single one where you, among others, have not been insulted. This is not insult, but but it is abuse!

I wish they at least have the decency to keep some journalistic standards in their writings, even if it is as lowly, as befitting them. I still remember some of the pictures they printed. It is a shame and disgrace that this group has no respect for anyone let alone some level of human decency!

Regardless, please do stay strong, and continue your service to man and God as fiercely as ever. With our love and prayers,

John Daniel, USA

Dear Thirumeni,
I was very impressed by the dignified manner in which you responded to the abuses of Patriarch faction during the channel discussions on Kolencherry church issue. Not able to respond to your well informed comments and observations, Jacobite faction resorted to lowly abuses - and they continue to do the same.

I am now convinced that "Viswasasamrakshakan" is the true defender of Patriarch faction's faith..Their "faith" is evident from the language used by this "journal".

They have once again proved that only they can stoop to such low levels !

Dear Thirumeni,
Why doubts? They are the faith protectors of PC society and its leader H.B. Catholicose of 'India'. (Society members of Gulf, Europe and American regions are under H.H.). Still they can't realize the truth and factors of SC verdict. YG didn't say that MM was sole responsible for naming orthodox and jacobite. But they say so. Money for conducting cases is from Parumala & Muthoot. Ha ha. What is their source? One of the sources is recently revealed by HG Cleemis. Till now they didn't publish the details of income & expences. After all who read this VS?