I Turn 24 in Thrissur Diocese

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With my parents on either side With my parents on either side
Mr. K. Karunakaran felicitating Mr. K. Karunakaran felicitating

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People and priests liturgically welcomes me People and priests liturgically welcomes me

I Turn 24

On this date twenty three years back (Dec. 26th, 1990) I assumed the charge of Thrissur diocese of the Malankara Church. So much has happened since then in history and in my life and also in the lives of thousands of people who are in one way or other related to me because of what happened in my life. I thank God for every thing He has done in my life. Some of them were for joy and some of them were not for so much for. But all of them were with lessons for me to further my life.

The Church was divided in to two and I was part of one group then. People on both sides thought I will be always loyal to partisanism. I would have unless there was an order from the highest court of the land which said ‘the Church has been one till 1971 and has to be one from now onwards”. The Patriarch of Antioch who consecrated me as bishop told me in person and through H.H’s encyclicals, ‘follow it as it is the will and voice of God’. But some of my people (still they are mine) did not follow that and some among them say I was wrong. Well it their opinion and hence their problem, not mine. But I had to do it to be true to myself and so I joined hands with other who were in the front to work for the unity of the Church. It finally happened in 2002. But some of my people did not join me. I consider them also as my people, but under mislead people who want to keep the Church divided and make benefits out of. I do not blame them or hold grudge against. I can not expect every one to have the same wisdom.

Today, looking back to my life in the past 23 years, I am happy that I was able to do few things in this diocese and in the community at large particularly to unite my Church. The Malankara  Church has been, in the beginning, one indigenous community and part of the wider society in this land. Then people who came from various parts of the world tried to change its nature. Now it stands divided. Of course I can not change the whole world, but I am happy at least I was able to make a small change in uniting the divided Church. This gives me immense joy and satisfaction. For helping me do that I thank my Lord. I am confident that even those people who do not agree with me on this do not hate me. That is why they are once in a while spread the news that I will join the 2002 society that calls itself “Jacobite Syrian Christian Association”. Sure I will join them if they will join me in making the Malankara Church one with them too.

Yes there are problems, many I admit. But where can one see without them? It is not bad to have issues. It depends on how you deal with. It is where you have problem. Otherwise those ‘so called’ problems are just challenges. And I can not run away or keep off from facing them as I am consecrated to work with my Lord to face them and make a change towards a better world. This is what I am trying to do. I am sure many if not all do understand my position. Yes thousands of people have understood it. I hope it God others who do not, also eventually will do. And I work tirelessly with that hope. This makes me live my life with even greater enthusiasm. See you on this day every year for quite some time, of course God willing. Yuhanon Mor Meletius Metropolitan in the service of God to His creation. 26th Dec. 2013.


Congratulations to you Thirumeni and good wishes for the years ahead.
Love and prayers,
Balan and family.