Hail Narendra Modi …!

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Early morning today, Rev. Fr. Alias Cherukattu, a prominent priest of Kandanadu East diocese, and a member of the working committee and advisory board of His Holiness the Catholicos of the Church called me up over phone. He told me that the proposed Gospel Convention at the Orthodox chapel at Koothattukulam where I was supposed to deliver a sermon on Sunday evening stands cancelled (this convention was to be for three days). He said the police asked the organizers to cancel it because a resident of the area, a member of the BJP state committee and leader of Bharathiya Masdur Sangh (BJP workers’ wing) has filed a complaint with the police against this convention being conducted in his neighborhood.

Kerala is a state with over 19% Christian population and is a decisive presence in social, political and economic life of the state. If we have to face this kind of situation, what will be the case in other states of India where Christians are a minority and mostly from socially backward communities? OK for some of us Mr. Narendra Modi is the Messiah; Messiah of whom that is my question.




St.Paul, not only prayed, but also stood firm and defended his rights (Acts 22:25-29, 23:6).

Further, Acts 16:37 "But Paul said to the officers: "They beat us publicly without a trial, even though we are Roman citizens, and threw us into prison. And now do they want to get rid of us quietly? No! Let them come themselves and escort us out."

It is shame, we don't have the courage to fight our way out for the right thing.

Where is the question of minority or majority concept in India? First, let us set mind that we are by all means Indians, so every Indians must stand for his/her rights. Alas, what can we do, we brothers fight each other for no apparent reasons, only reason I can see is "Power". Only God can help us now, so : Psalm 12- gives us more insight.

Let us, Jacobite/orthodox brothers , INCLUDING THE PRIESTS AND HIGH PRIESTS, forget our differences, come, join hands and fight for our rights, as INDIANS...hello any body out there...HEARING ME.......????? NO...NO ONE THERE!!

Dear Thirumeni
Thank you for your prophetic voice, timely warning and pointing the way forward! It is long overdue that we as a Christian community expressed our solidarity with communities experiencing injustice and violence based on their identities - religious, social and economic. I earnestly pray, hope and deeply desire that people's stand at this crucial time should bring 'Inspiring Change' not just within minority communities but even within the dominant as well as unjust communities through introspection and a vision for the common well being that will promote LIfe in all its fullness.
Love and prayers