Further on Modi's Visit

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Here are two press notes with my views on India and Mod's Recent Visit to Kerala.

No to Modi No to Modi


Anyway, we are not like the Catholics to follow bishops' guidance in electing the government . Neither do we have aggressive conversion agenda or heavy foreign contribution . After Koodmkulam, the present Government did a check on foreign contributions and found thousands of spurious charities.
Modi does not inspire trust in me. He would not have had a chance if Congress had a stronger centre and less corruption.
Anyway, I am not worried. Israel went to captivity abroad because she was unfaithful. In the end, God is the ultimate decider of everything.

Fully agree with you Thirumeni.
I don't understand why all are going behind the one who is the pet of Corporates. !
It seems people are fooled by the wrong meaning given to the word development.