Further on Modi's Kerala Visit

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Further on Modi’s Visit

Two days back certain retired head master of a school in Kunnamkulam (name withheld) called me on the phone and thanked me for what I said regarding the visit of two metropolitans of my Church to Mr. Narendra Modi, Gujarat chief minister during his recent visit to Kerala. This 70+ year old retired teacher told me that Kunnamkulam Arthat Cathedral wanted to build a kurisadi (cross) on the road side in front of the Cathedral Church in the Church’s property. It was objected by BJP workers and still not being granted permission from the authorities due to this objection. He also told me that several of our Churches in North Kerala region are having trouble in opening cemetery due to objection from RSS and BJP people. There was a comment on facebook by a priest from one of the Churches in South Kerala region saying that his Church is still unfinished as the district authorities issued stop memo due to pressure from Hindu fundamentalists. To me this is only a test dose and pre-taste of what will happen if BJP would come to power. You may remember that during the tenure of Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpeye of BJP in the Center, there were laws initiated to control Christian conversion and charity funds arriving from our people in other countries. It is a known fact that BJP is the political wing of RSS with Sangh Parivar and their philosophy is high cast Hinduism alone in this country. It is cultural nationalism they advocate. Should we fall prey to the sugar coated poison pill they are offering us?

Metropolitan Yuhanon Mor Meletius


Respected Thirumeni,
I think that people should remember Martin Neimoller's poem at this time and take a firm stand against fascism. If we are worried about our worldly possessions and try to protect them by standing with evil and evil powers, how can we look upon our Lord and ask for mercy? The Christian Church in Europe is still being accused of anti semitism and supporting Hitler during second World War. Let the Indian Church be protected from such a plight...

Your assessment of the political parties is correct. But Indian democracy will live. But there will be ups and downs.

What should we do? We are in between the sea and the devil. 3rd front is not able to lead the country since they have no unity. Congress is in the hands of Reliance and others. I think our democracy is nearing to an end in few decades.