First Snow of the Year in NY

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How are you Thirumeni?

We never expected this to happen (so much, so early) in October. It was bad. There are areas in NY and NJ that got more than a foot of snow. Lots of trees/branches were down as they were still with foliage and could not bear the weight of the snow. More than 1.3 million people lost electricity. Scores of cars were damaged by falling tree limbs. Electricity may not be fully restored before the middle of the week. Ever since they started keeping record, something like this happened only a few times in more than one hundred years!

On a lighter note, today is Halloween. Because of the accumulated snow and ice on the sidewalks, many kids won't able to get out to play "trick or treat"!

Best regards,

Yes Daniel, it was quite unexpected by both people and trees. Trees still had leaves on them and they could not hold the weight of the snow, so came down. They never intended to cause any trouble. But power line cables, houses and vehicles took the toll.
I am doing fine by the grace of God. I had to be at two Churches yesterday, one of them did not have power.
Yesterday to me personally was a happy day as I always wanted to walk on fresh snow, a nostalgia from my Chicago student days, and I was able to do that. Last year I waited till first week of Dec. to see some snow, but in vain.
Love and prayers

Congratulations Thirumeni!

Glad to know that you are here in the States. Enjoy!

Love and prayers