Few Facts from an Eminent Personality

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Justive Venkita Chelliah

Here are few facts about our country given by Justice (Rtd.) Mr. M. N. Venkita Chelliah, retired Supreme Court Chief Justice (1993-'94), former National Human Rights Commission Chairman (1996-1998), former National Commission for Reviewing the Working of the Constitution (2000 - 2002), Former Lokayukta and recipient of Padma Vibhushan (2004).

25 percent of national wealth is in the hands of one percent of Indian population. 87 percent of the wealth is in the hands of 15 percent. 25 percent of Indian population holds only one percent of national wealth.

He says, "free market helps create wealth in the coutry. But it gets accumulated in the hands of few who mobilize the system".

He asks: "Why should we obey rules?" To him, "Because it provides equal opportunity to every one for a decent and quality life. When the law fails to do so, civil disobedience becomes a responsibility of the the citizen".

I said: Well said Mr. Justice

He also gives two quotes:
"The way you implement law can make the constitution and its great goal fail" Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

"Everything has turned upside down, hence the human community has to think differently" Albert Einstein.

(From a lecture delivered at National Conference, SUCI Women's wing, Thiruvananthapuram. Courtesy: Samakalika Malayalam Weekly, Feb. 15, 2013 ).


60 % there fore, hold 13 % of the national wealth and out of this 60 %, 25 % hold 1 % and 35 % hold 12 %

Yes, that means though we claim to be a Democratic SOCIALIST Republic, the gap between haves and have nots is too wide and socialism is still fathoms away. Further is shows that if it continues in this direction we may never become a socialist country.

Yes Thirumeni, tolerence has a limit. Now common people are at "nelli palaka"

I think people are still a lot submissive Saju and ready to take even more if it comes in a glittering packet.

Dear Thirumeni, one doubt. If people turn against the Govt. and if the rule reaches into the hands of wrong people, what will be our countries future? Now Tunisia and Egypt are the best example.

It will not happen in India as our culture is different. Same was the propaganda the British made all along when we were fighting for our freedom. All other countries that got freedom those days or after got in to the hands of either the army or tyrants. But India stood the test and will also do in future. India has one mind, one soul and one spirituality. This has been proven more than once after indipendance.