25 Years in the Vineyard of the Lord

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On this day, December 24th 1990, I conducted my first ever Holy Qurbana as a Metropolitan. I was consecrated as the metropolitan of Thrissur diocese that was formed in 1982. The Church was divided then as Patriarch and Catholicos factions. Both claimed that they were the original Church. But on June 20th of 1995, the Supreme Court of India on its final verdict on the matter said both are part of the same Church and have to get back together on the basis of the 1934 constitution and with a new Managing Committee that shall be elected for the purpose of administering the community. I accepted the verdict and on 2002 with the Malankara Association held at Parumala, after several questions of clarification on the verdict, the Church was officially united and I became the first ever metropolitan of Thrissur diocese of the united Malankara Church. Today I stand before God after 25 years of my consecration as a humble servant glorifying and thanking Him for all the wonderful blessings He has showered upon for me and making me what I am today. 

I was doing my graduate program at Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago, USA, when the diocese of Thrissur elected me to the office. I had to fly to Mumbai to meet my parents who came over from Kerala as it was not possible for me to come to Kerala before I went to Damascus, and receive blessings from them before I receive the consecration. I arrived in Damascus on 22nd of December and was made a monk (Rabban) by His Holiness the Patriarch the same evening. On 23rd morning during the Holy Qurbana conducted by His Holiness Ignatius Zakka I, Patriarch of Antioch, I was consecrated a Metropolitan accepting the decision of the Malankara Synod of the Patriarch faction. Their Graces Barnaba Mar Meletius Metropolitan of Homs, Yuhanon Mor Gregorios Metropolitan of Aleppo (the one abducted two years back) and Paulose Mor Ivanior Episcopo of Damascus assisted the Patriarch. I arrived in Bombay and conducted Holy Qurbana at St. Peter’s Church, Malad on 24th evening. That was the day of the birth of a new child, the Son of God, and that was the birth day of a new servant of God, me as a servant in the vineyard of our Lord. I arrived in Kochi on 26th morning and the charge of the diocese was handed over to me by His Grace Thomas Mar Osthatheos Metropolitan of Kochi diocese who was in charge of Thrissur diocese temporarily. 

There will be a very brief session of interaction with my priests and people from the diocese after the Holy Qurbana conducted at the Aramana Chapel on 26th morning, to mark the day.

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