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Here is a mail from some one:

dear thirumeni



Respected Thirumeni,

I seek Your Grace's guidance on two issues.



"Therumeni, there is one question in my mind since long, which is; "is it a necessity to confess one's sins before a Priest or a Bishop. if so, where can we find such a direction in the Holy Bible". If I directly go and ask forgiveness from the person, whom I may have sinned; will my sins be not forgiven?"


Dear (?)

Thank you for your question.


Dear Thirumeni,

Hope you are doing fine.

Kindly guide me on the evolution and significance of Apostles Lent.

With lots of love and prayers



Dear (?)
Thank you for the mail and question. Yes I am doing fine and am in San Francisco. Hope you are doing fine the by the grace of God.


Dear thirumeni,

hope your are doing good..

How is your health. thirumeni what is the content in holy saith and Holy mooron. i heard that the holy saith is scented olivu oil . is it true. and why we are using these for our koodashas.

remember us in your prayers.

Love and prayers




Dear Thirumeni, Hope you are doing fine. I am designated to give a 10 minute speach on this sunday march 9th as we celeberate catholicate day. Can you give me some pointers to talk about the faith which we differtaite from other christian churches, strength of our tradition etc. Any other thoughts also welcome as i am trying to make it interesting and relavent to the people(including children) here. When are you next visiting US. We will be moving in 1st week of July. Regards (?) Dear Jackson (?) Thanks for the mail.


Question: Respected Thirumeni, What I am raising before Your Grace is a simple silly question which have been haunting me for years and whoever I have discussed this with have not given anything more than beating about the bush. Every time we pray at home, we start the KAUMA with THRITHWA STHUTHI. We laymen are allowed to do it in our personal and family prayers as well as in public prayers. But once the THRITHWA STHUTHI gets translated to Syriac, lay men are not permitted. Deacons are also not permitted. In presence of a Thirumeni, achens are also not permitted.


Respected Thirumeni, We, the Orthodox community has a practice to kneel down during our prayers, particularly when we do the cross during Kauma and also at certain other occasions. But there are some restrictions for this act that we should not kneel down from Saturday evening prayers onwards up to the 9th hour prayers on Sunday. We are also not to resort to kneeling similarly on Maranaya feast days. Again, we are not permitted to kneel down during the fifty day period from Easter up to the Pentecost. These are what I understand from our priests during their pieces of advice.


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