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Here are my notes of few questions I received since last posting of questions and clarifications:

Question 1. Dear Thirumeni

Hope thirumeni is fine. I have a doubt regarding the 8 day lent in September .I have studied in sunday school and heard from others one of the major difference between orthodox churches and catholic churches is on the theological topic whether St. Mary is a saint by birth or not .Orthodox churches oppose it. So lent of Aug. 1-15 is accepted by us and other is not accepted by us....


Question 1

Dear thirumeni,


Question 1

Dear thirumeni,


Here are my answers to some of the questions I received recently


Q. 1 I think in the Catholic Church, priests are allowed to conduct Feet Washing. Is there a tradition like that in our church, or has it been always the bishops? Would it be a nice idea to rethink the current practice, so that more people can experience it?


Dear Thirumeni,

My new questions are;

1. The meaning of 'let the dead bury their own dead (St. Math 8:22). Is it a proverb in Hebrew?

2. Should we sell all the properties and give it to poor to become true X'ians?

3. How the kingdom of god is related to non X'ians? We read all the nations will be gathered before our Lord and will be judged according to their works.

4. The meaning of 'shubaho veekkoro u segutho u rabisiyo yuso....' in the morning prayer.

5. The name in Syriac for the arch works in front of the thronose like in Manarcadu church.


Dear Thirumeni,
Hope you are doing well and in good health.


Here are few questions and my answers:

Question 1

Respected  Yuhanon Mar Meletius Thirumeni....


Question 1

Kindly let me know whether we can do engagement function on Wednesday, if yes, any restriction in food for all?. The function will be conducted by C.S.I people (bride’s family) and groom from Orthodox.

Thank you Tirumeni.

Answer 1


Here are my answers to some of the questions I received

Question 1

Dear Thirumeni

"Salvation is attained through the Holy church only; despite exceptions also is a possibility that again is determined by God".

Could you please define the Holy church?




Reply 1.

Dear Shibu

Church according to Orthodox understanding “is a community of faithful called together by God where the body and blood of Jesus Christ is shared under the supervision of a validly ordained episcopos and guided by the Holy Spirit”


Respected Thirumeni,

I want to know the following.

1. Bibically in which chapter / VS does say about lent or we should take the lent.

2.Prayer for departed . we do remember , pray for departed in our Qurbana we do so .

Kindly email me so I can be stonger & correct myself .

With Regards


Dear Jose


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