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I had an unexpected privilege of participating in the dedication ceremony of the newly built parish hall of St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral, Dubai. I was on my way back from US and was spending time with my brother and family and my brother in law. I had no energy in me after two long days and nights in US and in the air. So I decided to sleep through. But the office bearers of the Church some how knew about my presence in the city and wanted me to be part of their happy moment. I have quite a few friends among the young and old in that parish and so I could not turn them down.


I gave four lectures for various levels of students at the University of Central Florida (UCF) on Ancient History of Syria. The first one was for freshmen which was for an hour on Nov. 6th 2013. The other three were on Thursday Nov. 7th 2013. Rev. Fr. Alexander Kurian, director department of strategic planning for the United States government, and me shared these three sessions. Credit goes to Rev. Fr. Dr. Jacob Mathew Ph.D (Visiting lecturer, Department of Philosophy and Religion, UCF, also the vicar of St. Paul’s Orthodox Church, Orlando).


I was invited to deliver a lecture on the Early History of Syria in the freshmen class of humanities students at the University of Central Florida on Nov. 06, 2013.  Rev. Fr. Dr. Jacob Mathew Ph.D is the Visiting Lecture on Humanities at the university. There were about 45 students and the lecture lasted 45 minutes which followed by a question and answer session. I will have three more lectures to various other classes in the days to come on the same subject. I was greeted by Dr. Bruce B. Janz Ph.D, the chair of the department, received me prior the lecture in his office.


I was the chief celebrant at the feast of St. Gregorios at St. Gregorios Malankara Orthodox Church, Tampa, Florida in USA held on 2nd and 3rd Nov. 2013. Rev. Fr. George Paulose, the vicar who is from my own region (Onakkur, Priavom) in Kerala and a college mate at St. Peter’s College Kolenchery, has been inviting me for several years now. I was not able to honor his invitation until this time. I arrived in Tampa on Oct. 31st and had a good time with achen and family and with several other members of the parish.


I had a lovely evening at Newport Beach, CA with the vicar of my parish in Sunland, CA Very Rev. Dr. Joseph Tarzi, his wife Ms. Juliet Tarzi and the president of the Board of Elders of the parish Rev. Dn. Elias Afram and his wife Ms. Nadia Afram. The day was concluded with seafood dinner at Beach Front Dining and tea at Afrem residence. A video is uploaded to YouTube.



A video report is uploaded to my YouTube channel about my visit to Mission of San Juan

Mission of San Juan, a Spanish Catholic Franciscan called Giovanni da Capistrano, was established on November 1st, 1776. This is the oldest building in California still in use.  A chapel, the Serra’s chapel, was built in 1782. Main objective of the mission was to convert Native Americans to Christianity. Though they had to face oppositions, still they were able to convert a good number of people between 1776 and 1847.


A poem from a friend on my birth day. I wish to thank every one who sent their greetings and birthday wishes. God bless you all.



2013 May 6th was a special day for me. After several years’ repeated request I was able to honor and visit St. George Orthodox Church, Kizhumuri in Kandanadu West diocese this year for the perunnal of St. George. This Church is on the opposite bank of the river that runs through my village and I knew many people from childhood itself. So it was a pleasant reunion for me. Again I was able to visit my sick cousin, Mr. Mathew Kurian Murimakil, a retired government Upper Primary school headmaster, on the other side of the river that is my village only few houses away from my home.


Mr. Sibu P. Jacob my brother in law took few snaps, when I was in Rockland, with which I made a video.

Watch this:


I had a wonderful Week at St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church, Mississauga participating in the Passion Week services. This was not my first time with this parish. This helped me strengthen our decade long friendship and mutual care and love. A short video with pictures from the week:




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